The Screw Washington Candidate: Donald Trump

The rise of Donald Trump in American politics is a breath taking spectacle that leaves many wondering what has happened to our country.  If it were possible for the country to give Washington the collective middle finger then Donald Trump is that finger.  He is arrogant, brassy, insulting, and rich enough to tell Washington to kiss our collective asses on our behalf.

The Donald is simply a result of the seething anger we feel towards our elected officials.  Washington has grossly underestimated the degree of dissatisfaction that is still looking for an outlet since the financial crisis of 2008.  Adding to the sense of rage is the feeling that we the people, for whom this so called democracy was founded, are incapable of doing anything about it.  Election after election the American people keep voting for the candidate of change and yet nothing ever changes.

How did it all go so wrong?  ‘Government by the people and for the people’ isn’t a phrase that appears in the political lexicon these days.  It’s as if our leaders have lost the will power to even try to fake it anymore.  Despite what they may say on that distant planet we call Washington D.C., the number of people that believe our elected officials are working for the good of the people may be at the lowest point in our history.

Desperate to shake things up the American people seem ready to roll the dice.  Recently I spoke with an elderly woman and to my shock she told me she was voting for Donald Trump.  When asked why, she replied,

“He can’t screw it up any worse than it already is.”

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